I am the owner and sole practitioner of Living Hope Counseling Center! I opened LHCC to provide quality client-centered mental health care that encourages positivity, hope, and healing. I have spent the past 7 years studying and serving as a mental health professional in the state of Michigan.  


Bachelor of Science in General Psychology from Western Michigan University - 2014

Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Oakland University - 2017

Taking the first step to begin therapy often isn't an easy decision for most. Some find it hard to admit that they need additional support, guidance, and resources; some have wrestled with the idea of seeking therapy for quite some time and are ready to dive in; and others are hesitant, not knowing if therapy is right for them. Wherever you may be in the process of deciding to start therapy, I commend you for being here and taking the first steps towards finding the hope and healing you deserve. 

I believe that the most fundamental elements for therapy to have a positive and successful outcome is both having a therapist that is the right fit for you and being able to establish a secure therapeutic relationship with your therapist. This means finding a therapist you connect with, trust, and feel comfortable being vulnerable and diving deep with. My number one goal in therapy is to cultivate a safe and empathetic environment while developing a trusting and secure relationship with the client for them to explore, process, and heal from their past hurts and current obstacles. 

During my work with my clients, I empower them to take control of their sessions by dictating "where we go" in session or deciding what gets talked about or addressed. This helps the client to have more control of their life and to have a more active role in their healing journey. This also helps the client to defer talking about certain topics or events, if they are not yet ready to address those areas. My role is first and foremost to help. I want to make sure that I never press a client to go to a place they are not ready to visit. 

Typically, I work with adolescent and adult women presenting with anxiety, depression, relational issues, trauma, and self-esteem. However, I am open to working with a variety of clients and presenting concerns. I also provide faith-based counseling, but only when specifically requested by the client. 


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